Ruta Puerto de Piedrafita

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Piedrafita Pass Route
GPS: 43.05240287294581, -5.595465002252467

La Paraya - Yananzanes - Fuente de Roseco - Rasteyu - Campanal de Baxo - Campanal de Riba - Collado Rocín - San Pedro - Alto de Piedrafita

La Paraya - Alto de Piedrafita 8,800

La Paraya is the start of the route to Puerto de Piedrafita, a pass that has been used since ancient times and which connects the council of Aller with the province of León. From this village we reach the hamlet of Yananzanes in a few minutes and continue along the royal road that leads us to the Roseco spring. At the beginning of the route we will see a waterfall, the purpose of which is to drive the turbines of the hydroelectric power station of La Paraya. A continued ascent leads us to cross the Rasteyu, the Quentu Posaorio and the sheepfolds of Campanal de Baxo and Campanal de Riba.

We continue on our way and soon reach the Rocín pass, where it is worth making a stop to enjoy the impressive views of the valley. We continue ascending and in a short time we reach San Pedro, a sheepfold that still conserves the remains of the arch that supported the entrance to a chapel that no longer exists. From this point we only have the last stretch of the path left to crown the ascent to the top of Piedrafita, at an altitude of 1,683 metres. The descent will be made by retracing the ascent until we reach La Paraya again.

The starting point of this route is in the village of La Paraya, which can be reached by the AE-6 road from Col.lanzo. After passing Casomera, take the turning to the right to La Paraya.

  • PR265
  • Cannot be done with pushchair/stroller.
  • It can be done by mountain bike (medium-high difficulty. It runs along a track).