Casa Azul

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Situado en el centro, zona semi-peatonal, justo al lado de la plaza de Parres Sobrino, a tres minutos a pie de la playa del Sablón donde hay una amplia zona de aparcamiento.
Common amenities and services
  • Calefacción
  • Cocina
  • Acceso a internet / wifi
  • Teléfono
Room services
  • Calefacción
  • Televisión
  • Acceso a internet / Wifi
Complementary services
  • Admite tarjetas de crédito
  • Admite animales
  • Transporte público < 500m.

De 65€ a 120€

  • Open all year round Open all year round
High season: 01/07 - 31/08 y SS Mid season: 01/06 - 30/06, 01/09 - 30/09 y Navidad Low season: Resto del año
  • Pet Supplement Payment: Yes
  • Pet size/weight limitation: Up to 25 Kg
  • P.P.P - Potentially Dangerous Dogs allowed: Yes
  • Dogs are allowed to be left alone in the room: No
  • Maximum number of dogs per booking: 1
  • Pet bed or mat available: No
  • Pet feeder or drinking fountain available: Yes
  • Pets other than dogs are allowed: No
  • Dog day care available: No
  • Details of the specific rules:
    • Es imprescindible que nos consultes previamente si vas a venir acompañado por tu mascota.
Casa Azul
GPS: 43.42025032859992, -4.754880391660424
Information provided by :AT0942 Casa Azul.
Establishment registered with the Principality of Asturias Registry of Tourist Activities with DGT code AT0942.
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