Comarca Vaqueira

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It takes its name from the vaqueiros de alzada, a social group with a nomadic culture, which has left its mark on an extensive region of five municipalities, where there is a bit of everything: coast and inland, and inland, mountains, sierras, valleys, rivers, lush forests...
Vaqueira Region
GPS: 43.365360,-6.46663
  • Villa de Luarca/Ḷḷuarca, Cabo Busto and Braña de Aristébano.
  • Natural Reserve of Barayo and Hoces del Esva.
  • Town of Cudillero and Cape Vidio.
  • Town of Salas and Cornellana.
  • Town of Tinéu, Tuña and Navelgas.
  • Pola de Allande and San Emiliano.