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Territory (Montaña Central)
Contact Address
C/ Manuel Llaneza, 8. 33600 Mieres del Camín
985 450 533
    • Town of Mieres del Camín - Requejo Square.
    • Cuna y Cenera Valley.
    • Bustiello Mining Village.
    • Central Mountain Range Cycling Circuit.
  • Via the A-66 and AS-I dual carriageways and the N-630

  • Population: 42,421 inhabitants

    Area: 146 km2

Culturally restless and socially active, birthplace of illustrious figures, meeting point and crossroads for pilgrims, lover and transmitter of Asturian traditions, and ideal for active and country tourism. That's the borough of Mieres.

Since ancient times, the borough of Mieres has been a meeting point, a crossroads, a place of change and evolution. Back in the Middle Ages, its capital began to be called Mieres del Camín due to its links with the Way of St James, which heads on from here to the Cathedral of San Salvador in Oviedo/Uviéu. Centuries later, its coal wealth was to provide the seeds of social revolution and knowledge that Mieres has championed right up until the present day. A land of contrasting landscapes, of mountains, valleys and rivers (principally the Caudal River), it is ideal for hiking and cycling, so much so that it is a very active part of the Central Mountains Cycling Circuit.

In addition, the borough is a leader in rural tourism in Asturias, with outstanding accommodation and establishments serving traditional Asturian cuisine, a leading example being found in the Cuna y Cenera Valley. Another a key tourist option in the borough is, of course, industrial tourism, with restored facilities such as the Bustiello Mining Village ...

Mieres has been home to a long list of famous people and has historically generated significant social and cultural movements. In short, it is a territory presenting an endless list of cultural concerns, many of which are discussed while sharing a bottle of cider in Requejo Square or outside the Church of San Juan, patron saint of the festivities of the famous capital of this borough.

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