Etapa 6: Villamayor - Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís

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GR105 - Pilgrimage Route - Stage 6 (alternative)

Stage 6: Villamayor - Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís
GPS: 43.36064173752257, -5.21954174285934

Villamayor (Piloña) - El Calero - La Piñera - Sebares - Villar de Güergu - Llames - Romiyín - Villanueva - Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís

Villamayor - Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís 22,2

We cross Villamayor and when we reach the square we find, on the right, a one-storey white house and next to it, a path and a water trough, it is along this path that the route continues; heading towards a small hill to the south, which leaves a peak on the left.

This path ascends slightly and after a short distance becomes a path that runs under trees until it meets an asphalted track, which we take to the left going downhill. Continuing along this track we can stop to contemplate, to the north, the beautiful view of El Calero, and to the left the foothills of the Sueve massif, with its rocks rising above the green meadows.

This is where this route meets the 2nd alternative of the 5th stage, which comes from the right. Just in front of the track that comes in, there is a dirt track, next to a barbed wire fence, along which the route continues, ignoring the road that we have crossed.

Go round the church, leaving it on the left, until you come to a crossroads, which you ignore and continue along the road ahead. Walking along this road you can see Sebares on the left hand side, above it and a little way off, the beautiful ancestral home of the Noriega family, a beautiful palace with its own church. Continuing on, we come to another crossroads, which we take to the left, heading towards a beautiful indianos' house which we can see towering above the roofs of the neighbouring houses.

It is at this point that stage 6 begins, if you have finished the previous stage in Sebares. Here we find a road, which we take to the right, and almost immediately afterwards there is a turning to the left, which indicates Caldevilla, and crosses the river, leaving a beautiful restored mill on the right. Following this road uphill, you reach the village of Villar de Güergu, where there is a statue in honour of the pig. Here we leave the road and take a path, situated between the statue and the church, which winds around several houses and leads us in front of a large bakery, which has a "bar" sign painted on it. At this point, we turn right and go towards the houses, skirting the house on the right and taking a path that comes out behind it.

This is where this path joins another one, a path that goes from Gijón/Xixón to Covadonga and which we follow as far as Villanueva, shortly before Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís, and which forms part of the Camín de la Reina (an old road used by the Romans and repaired by Queen Isabel II, on the occasion of her visit to Asturias in 1858).

We turn left onto the road that takes us into the village and leads us to another road next to a bus stop shelter. We turn left again onto this road, which passes next to the remains of an old mobile home and a crossroads on the right that leads to Vallubil and Llau. At Villanueva we change to the road to Covadonga via El Garrapiellu, which heads towards Cangues d' Onís/Cangas de Onís, passing the Parador de Villanueva, along the Camín de la Reina.