Cares Gorge Trail

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The Cares Route
GPS: 43.15415872799243, -4.915490828443593

Poncebos (Asturias) - Caín (León) 12

About 600 metres from the start, we will come to a fork, where we will see a path that crosses the Jaya bridge, which passes next to a house of the same name.

We should take the path to the right, which takes us towards the Cares gorge.

After walking the first 2.5 kilometres, the steepest section of the route begins, where the path takes us up and down the mountainside for most of the route. But the differences in level are not very high, nor are the gradients very steep.

After 8 kilometres from the start of the route, we cross the river over the Bolín bridge, which is about 60 metres long and was built after the previous bridge, the Trea bridge, was destroyed by a rock in 1944. Some 400 metres further on we cross the river again over the Rebecos bridge.

Walk some 4 kilometres and a few metres further, at approximately kilometre 12.3, and you will have reached the village of Caín, where this well-known and indispensable Asturian route ends.



Doing the route, Poncebos-Caín round trip, involves walking about 22 km, a distance that is not suitable for everyone, although technically it is not a difficult route.

This route involves additional risks that are not directly related to the slope or level of difficulty of the route itself: falling stones, polished surfaces that become dangerous in the rain, precipices and other orographic features, little or no mobile phone coverage... and also involves necessities such as: being well equipped with good footwear, warm and waterproof clothing (both in winter and summer as the weather can change at any time), mobile phone, sun protection, drink, food (nuts, chocolates...).

Hikers should be aware that the most important thing to do on the Cares Route is to be cautious and foresighted.

Therefore, ALWAYS BE VERY CAREFUL, AND MORE SO IF YOU ARE GOING WITH CHILDREN (as for children, it is not forbidden to take them, but it is recommended that they are over 12 years old, or always take them by the hand, with the child on the inside part of the path).

It is strictly forbidden to take dogs loose on the Cares Route. The use of extendable leashes to hold dogs is not permitted. For further information, please contact us.