Skill, coordination, valour, orientation, ability to better yourself and, above all, the desire to have fun -–alone or taking part in team games-, sports and fun are guaranteed in any of the activities we have to offer.

Multi-adventure circuit (Parres)

Multi-adventure circuit (Parres).

Whether it is with he more "traditional" adventures such as paintball, archery or multi-adventure circuits (also adventure parks), by means of other newer activities but with a large following, such as geocaching, or with new forms of adventure such as zorbing , which consist of rolling down a hill in an enormous transparent plastic ball, or laser tag, a sophisticated category of traditional paintball guerrilla warfare but incorporating new technologies and which we could define as Paintball 2.0.


Have you tried everything on offer in adventure tourism? do you simply want to try something different? We have activities to suit all preferences and requirements. If you are with the family, with your partner, alone or with a group of friends, don't miss the chance of trying different ways to enjoy a different form of active tourism. You will have a ball.


Don't miss...

  • The latest in Paintball, laser tag.
  • The feeling of rolling down a hillside inside a huge plastic ball.
  • Exciting nature observation activities to discover the habitat of the brown bear or the bearded vulture, among other species.
  • Grab your mobile (or gps) and start playing Geocaching, the modern version of treasure hunting in the heart of nature.
Bear and Deer Interpretive Trails

There are three interpretive trails designed to discover different aspects of the Cantabrian brown bear. Two of them are located in Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias Nature Park. The first, near Leitariegos port, is named "Walking at the pace of the seasons" and follows the bears' own calendar. This is an easy route covering a distance of 6.2 km (there and back), which begins in Brañas d'Arriba and ends in Cabuezos. The second trail "Brown bear shelters" reveals the key aspects of bear conservation on a 4.3 km circular route in the area of Muniellos. Of medium difficulty, it begins at Muniellos Interpretation Centre.

The third interpretive bear route is in Valle de Lago, in Somiedo Nature Reserve. From here, a 6.2 km trail (there and back to Braña de Sousas), of medium difficulty, invites visitors to discover "The family life of the bears" and the key elements of their breeding habits.

IIn addition, Teverga's Prehistory Park allows you to discover "The nooks and crannies of the bears" during a flora and fauna interpretive circular trail of 0.9 km and low difficulty. In turn, the interpretive route "The Deer and the Bellowing" invites you to discover more about the life of deer in a 9.4 km circular route of medium difficulty between the recreational areas of Las Moyás (Cuevas-Aller) and El Pinganón.

Cantabrian brown bear

Cantabrian brown bear.



Also, environment-related activities such as wildlife watching, or those arising almost on a daily basis related to experience tourism. Visiting Asturias is undoubtedly one.

Watching the Bellowing (Teverga)

Watching the Bellowing (Teverga).

Here you will find the best place to turn active tourism into unforgettable experiences.

As you can see, you will have plenty to choose from.


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  • Zorbing.
  • Geocaching.
  • Láser tag.
  • Multi-adventure (circuits and parks).
  • Wildlife observation.
  • Paintball.
  • Archery.

Watching the bearded vulture. Lake Ercina (Cangas de Onís)

Watching the bearded vulture. Lake Ercina (Cangas de Onís).
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