We have a vast network of Long-Distance, Short-Distance and Local Footpaths; a dense network of hiking trails that will enable you to blend in with our enviable nature. You will come across historic routes such as the Way of St. James, which will heighten your experience of becoming a real pilgrim, whether you choose the Way of the North, which follows the north coast of Spain, or the Original Way of St. James, which links Oviedo/Uviéu with Galicia through the Cantabrian mountain range.

The Cares route (Cabrales)

The Cares route (Cabrales).

If you would like to enjoy sports in a natural setting, enjoying and appreciating the surrounding environment, Asturias is the place for you.

Don´t miss...
  • The Cares route, the most spectacular gorge of the Picos de Europa, simply must be included in every hiker's itinerary.
  • Discover the 7 Biosphere Reserves of Asturias, through routes in magical surroundings.
  • The Camín Real de La Mesa, a historic route in the Biosphere Reserve of Las Ubiñas -La Mesa.
  • If you like horses, you must try to see the asturcón, an ancient breed of pony in Asturias.
  • You can gently enjoy our Vías Verdes routes (greenways) with the whole family.
Delve into the forests of Asturias

With the strength of the Muniellos or the Hayedo de Hermo forests as our symbols, our geography is fundamentally green. And this is thanks to our wonderful forests such as these. The largest and best preserved oak grove of the Iberian peninsula and one of the best forests on the continent (Muniellos), the largest beech forests in Asturias (Hermo) and other beech forests such as those of Peloño (Ponga) or Redes, the oak grove of San Emeterio, the beautiful willow woods of Saucedas de Buelles, the stunning yew forest of La Tejeda del Sueve and countless centenary trees, enrich the landscape, allowing visitors to capture stunning photos and breath such a wonderfully pure air as that of Asturias. A unique natural heritage

And once the summer has ended, these green landscapes explode into shades of ochre, yellows, orange, red… if you visit in autumn, you will not want to wake from your Asturian dream.

Muniellos (Cangas del Narcea)

Muniellos (Cangas del Narcea).

The Long-Distance Paths include the GR.109 "Asturias interior", one of the most beautiful Natural Paths in Spain, which covers the Cantabrian Mountains in Asturias from east to west. 606 kilometres divided into 27 stages to discover the vast biodiversity of Asturias. This Natural Path links the Picos de Europa Biosphere Reserve with that of the Oscos-Eo through the "equator" of Asturias.

Hiking (Ponga)

Hiking (Ponga).

Or the GR.E-9 "Senda Costera", taking hikers along the coastline. Few routes in Europe offer such striking landscapes as the coastal path, Senda Costera, as it cuts across our region. This long European route (GR.204, E-9) crosses the Asturian coastline quite literally from one end to the other, from Bustio to A Veiga/Vegadeo, covering a distance of 230.6 km. (14 stages). A route filled with the smell of the sea, waves, dunes… the smell of Asturias; the perfect complement for the rest of the routes across the Principality, with its landscape designed for hiking

And apart from these two long-distance paths across the coastline and central strip of Asturias, you should also make a point of walking the south.

Coastal paths. Bahínas (Castrillón)

Coastal paths. Bahínas (Castrillón).

Few natural settings offer such magnificent landscapes as those of the Biosphere Reserves and the Picos de Europa National Park (the first to be included in the Network of National Parks of Spain).


Routes on horseback or on trikes are also marvellous ways to discover the Asturian countryside. Special mention should also be given to the Sendas Verdes or Green Paths, enabling everyone to enjoy the coastal paths, paths bordering rivers, park trails, accessible paths, etc. If you like following old disused railway routes now being used for active tourism, the Senda del Oso (Bear's Path) to the Fuso Path, the Eo Path or the Valle de Turón Path, you can enjoy any of the 9 Vías Verdes routes (green-ways) on offer in Asturias.

Horseback riding. Celoriu (Llanes)

Horseback riding. Celoriu (Llanes).
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Orienteering Activities.
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