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Territory (Parque Histórico del Navia)
Contact Address
Área Recreativa de Folgueiróu. 33734 Illano
619 367 742
    • The borough capital, Eilao.
    • Views of the River Navia and Santesteba from Illano.
    • The Kilowatt Route/Doiras Reservoir.
    • El Castelón Hill Fort and Folgueiróu Recreational Centre.
  • Via the AS-12

  • Population: 439 inhabitants

    Area: 102.7 km2

A paradise of water, rivers and forests. Unspoilt Asturian nature. Peace and quiet and relaxation in contact with nature: Doiras waterfall and reservoir, first of its kind, and a borough capital with the best views of the River Navia. That's Illano

If one were to think of a water paradise, that would beIllano, which holds the curious distinction of having the first waterfall on the River Navia Kilowatt Route, thanks to Doiras falls and reservoir, built in the 1930s. Illano has a completely unspoilt landscape, free of any kind of environmental degradation, a landscape with an abundance of birches, oaks, cork oaks and hazel trees. Valleys, forests and rivers that have witnessed the emergence of hill fort culture.

The borough capital is a quiet town, with its characteristic black slate roofs and unique views over the mighty flow of the River Navia. In autumn and winter, Eilao offers spectacular views of Santesteba and the first snows...

A veritable paradise of peace and quiet where you can relax and enjoy nature at its purest. That's Illano

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