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San Martín de Oscos
Territory (Oscos-Eo)
Contact Address
Plaza de las Infantas. 33777 San Martín de Oscos
664 113 815 / 985 626 000 / 985 626 046
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    • Mon Mansion (to visit the inside of the mansion, it is necessary to arrange a visit at the Tourist Office).
    • Church of San Martín de Oscos and the Guzmanes Family Home (San Martín).
    • Casa del Marco Museum, in Villarquille.
    • Hiking Trails (Mining Trail, the Greenway, Mount Marón and Ascuita Trail, Piorno to Los Fornos Trail and Mon Route).
  • Via the AS-13

  • Population: 466 inhabitants

    Area: 66.56 km2

Time and memory, mansions such as Mon Mansion and noble family homes like that of the Guzmanes, the portrait of country life in Villarquille, grandma's hospitality and cooking, forests and autumn-hued lanes, rivers and streams... That's San Martín de Oscos .

Time passes slowly, almost standing still, in an ideal place for total relaxation, the reflective life that transpires while contemplating the size and impressive coat of arms of Mon Mansion, or following the route around this spot, or enjoying arriving in the capital of the municipality San Martín de Oscos, which delights visitors with its hospitality and cuisine, or a visit to the parish church or to the Guzmanes Family Home...

If guardians of time, memory, customs and village life had to be found or imagined in Asturias, one of the most powerful would certainly be encountered in Los Oscos, a borough that seems designed for ethnographic science, capable of more than meeting the expectations of visitors and researchers alike who wish to travel back into the past... A perfect metaphor for this time stood-still is El Marco House in Villarquille, an example of the life of the remotest and most authentic country folk of western Asturias until well into the 20th century.

Thanks to its rivers and streams, springs, rolling valleys, the colour of its forests in autumn and its accessible mountains, Los Oscos and San Martín in particular constitute the perfect destination for hikers.

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San Martín de Oscos