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Church of San Salvador de Priesca
Villaviciosa (Eastern Asturias)
Contact Address
Priesca (Villaviciosa)
985 976 712
Built in:

10th Century

Further information:


A Pre-Romanesque church, built in 921, according to several inscriptions in the plaster of its pilasters, which had disappeared by the year 1922.

The church has a basilica layout consisting of three naves, the central one being wider and taller than the side naves, with wooden ceilings and separated by square-based masonry pillars with moulded impost capitals and pedestals which support three semi-circular plastered-brick side arches.

In the walls of the nave, above the pillars, there are four rectangular bays on each side, closed with (mostly rebuilt) latticework. The ceiling has an open framework.

It has a triple apse, the three chapels being covered with barrel vaults. Running around the central chapel there is a blind arcade on a second baseboard formed by semi-circular arches on adjoining columns with capitals presenting very schematic leaves, which, along with the capitals of the triumphal arch, are reminiscent of those in Valdediós.

Inside, the church preserves paintings with plant, geometric and architectural motifs.

At the west end of the church, there is a portico divided into three areas, with a gallery above the central area.

The Church of San Salvador de Priesca