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Territory (Comarca de la Sidra)
Contact Address
Centro de Recepción de Visitantes. Plaza de la Iglesia. 33320 Colunga
985 852 200
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Faro de Lluces
Vídeo de Colunga
    • Old Quarter of Llastres.
    • Jurassic Museum and Dinosaur Footprint Trail on La Griega Beach, that joins up with the Mysteries of the Sea Route.
    • Lliberdón Piper's Interpretation Centre.
    • The Sueve Range and Interpretation Centre.
  • Via the A-8 dual carriageway and the N-632

  • Population: 3,614 inhabitants

    Area: 97.57 km2

Stories of dinosaurs, beaches that combine the greenery of apple orchards and the blue of the sky, fishing towns like Llastres, titans of Nature like the Sueve Range, colonial Indiano architecture like that of the village of Lliberdón, and distinguished researchers... That's Colunga.

Between the Bay of Biscay and the Sueve Range,, in a lush strip of verdant land, there Colunga is to be found. Millions and millions of years ago, dinosaurs roamed these lands and left us a reminder of their passing in the form of footprints. The discovery of these footprints made the Colunga coast an international reference for researchers and tourists and was the germ of the Jurassic Museum, located in San Telmo and today visited by thousands of people every year.

Beaches that are a summer classic such as La Griega, La Isla and La Espasa, among others, and fishing towns such as Llastres, spectacular from both the sea and the land, with its layout of "staggered" houses overlooking the sea, are some of the tourist attractions of the area.

Other sights not to be missed include the old quarter of the borough capital, with fine examples of colonial Indiano architecture, among others, along with its references to illustrious figures such as biochemist Grande Covián. The Romanesque Church of Santiago de Gobiendes, the view from the Chapel of San Roque in Lastres, and the route up to El Fito Scenic Balcony in the heart of the Sueve Range are some of the places that no traveller to Colunga should miss.

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