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Asturian cuisine makes its own mark, it's not just any cuisine. It is seemingly (and to some extent truly) based on filling dishes which have made sense for years because the main labour of many Asturians was mining and steelworks and they had to get their strength. However, Asturias is also gastronomically light, its fish and seafood have hardly any calories, and Asturian chefs really have a lot to choose from.

A trip would never be complete without sitting down at a table to taste a fabada, an Asturian bean stew, a cachopo, Avilés sausage, hake skewers or stuffed onions.

Don't miss...
  • Cider Museum and visit to a cider press and tasting session.
  • Wine Museum and visit to the winery of the PDO Cangas wine and tasting session.
  • Cave-exhibition of the Cabrales chees and a visit to a cheese factory and tasting session.
  • Live auction in a fish market.
  • Don't forget to try: fabada, Asturian bean stew, onions stuffed with long finned tuna, rice pudding, casadiellas pastries, cachopo, hake or rape cooked in cider, Asturian stew with chorizo, pitu caleya chicken stew, spit-roasted beef or cabritu (goat).
  • Taste our delicacies in the restaurants of: Mesas de Asturias -Gastronomic Excellence - and "Sidrerías de Asturias"- Natural Quality-.
Signature cuisineSignature cuisine.
We have Michelin stars, ‘Guisanderas' (defenders of traditional recipes), marks of quality such as "Mesas de Asturias" or "Sidrerías de Asturias", shop-bars, chigres (traditional places where cider is sold, village bars, taverns, inns), gastropubs and a growing fusion cuisine and travelling cuisine. Because Asturian chefs champion the nearby, zero-kilometre product, they work with fresh products from the region but they are not afraid to incorporate seasonings or garnishes from far-off lands if they go well with the dish, above all among the younger generation.

The Principality has also created quality marks through which you can sample an ocean of flavours. "Mesas de Asturias" – Gastronomic Excellence category- has existed for several years. More recently the "Sidrerías de Asturias" - Natural Quality - was created.

Sidrerías de AsturiasSidrerías de Asturias.
Cheese also prevails, already totaling the trifling sum of 50 different types, and sea products which change each season. The protagonists of winter, oricios (sea urchins) give way in Spring to the spider crab which in turn relinquishes the starring role to the long-finned tuna and the lobster in the summer, which are relieved by the elver when Autumn advances.

Gamonéu cheese DOPGamonéu cheese DOP.
Everything we eat, we wash down with Asturian cider or Cangas wine. This is Asturian cuisine, rich and diverse, traditional and avant-garde, with its own personality and discourse... possibly one of the most fully-stocked and interesting larders in Spain.

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