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La Lluera Cave
Oviedo (Central Asturias)
Contact Address
33174 Priorio
615 298 615

Paleolithic cave paintings from the Solutrean culture.

  • Visits from Thursday to Sunday at 10:30am

    Prior booking required for groups of 10 people.

The most complete exterior sanctuary of Paleolithic art in Europe.

Its extraordinary importance is due both to the lack of sanctuaries of this kind -the majority are interior- and to the magnificent collection of engravings conserved in the two caverns.

These caverns were discovered in 1979. In the first, the main contents are engravings depicting mostly animals. Horses, aurochs, deer and bison can be seen on the walls, among other animals.

The other small cavern is a few metres away, with walls hosting geometrical figures done using the same technique as used in the previous one.


These caves may have served as complementary outer sanctuaries, the sum of the artistic contents of both -figurative in the first and abstract in the second- resulting in the characteristic iconographic model of the mature stages of Paleolithic cave art.

La Lluera Cave