Under the Navia River's sway

In Ortigueira, Coaña has the smallest port in the West; Pesoz, with unique villages such as Argul; Illano, with unique pools; Villayón which is the kingdom of waterfalls, and Boal, which represents the history of Asturian emigration. Just a taste of what the councils of Valle del Navia have to offer, a landscape largely shaped by the construction of the Grandas de Salime, Doiras and Arbón reservoirs.

Grandas de Salime is a land of mounds and fortified settlements, the most popular being the Chao Samartín fortified settlement, and from being the Way of Saint James. Interesting places to visit are the old Collegiate Church, the Ethnographic Museum or the reservoir viewpoints. Once in Pesoz, the vineyards surrounding the villages, give them their own personality. There are three unmissable visits: Argul, which, although in poor condition, still captivates visitors with its medieval architecture, the abandoned village of A Paicega, where the workers building the Grandas de Salime reservoir lived, and also Pelorde.
Oneta Waterfalls (Villayón)Oneta Waterfalls (Villayón).
Buitres viewpoint (Illano)Buitres viewpoint (Illano).

Coaña shares meadowlands and forests with the sea. A little further inland is one of the best preserved and most visited fortified settlement called Coaña, while nearer the coast is the fortified settlements of Mohías.

Illano, Villayón and Boal, are also enticing villages. Eilao capital is worth exploring. An essential village to visit is Santesteba, with its decadent beauty and location, never failing to astound travellers. With its incredible Buitres viewpoint. El Villar de Buyaso and Zadamoño are other villages worth visiting. Villayón is home to beautiful waterfalls such as the Oneta or the Méxica, the Pímpano Cave, the Mouro Well and the Dolmen and Carondio route. Finally, in Boal, which was the starting point for so many leaving for the Americas, the Indianos architecture (Asturians who emigrated to the America and returned with a fortune) is still very present.

Villa Anita (Boal)Villa Anita (Boal).
. In the capital Boal/Bual, is a route that showcases these buildings, including the "Villa Anita" and "Casa Rosito". Among all the places and villages to be enjoyed, are the Doiras and Arbón reservoirs, the viewpoints of Penouta, the Pendia fortified settlement and some of its interpretation centres, such as the Emigration and Honey centres.

Ortigueira is the smallest port on the western coast of Asturias. A must-see here is the Cape of San Agustín, which is home to the old and new lighthouse.

Porcía Beach (El Franco)Porcía Beach (El Franco).
And along this coastline, although inland they all have landscapes and villages of interest, are Tapia de Casariego, El Franco and Navia. Tapia is a port with a perfect seafaring village, with its white houses and boats moored at the dock. And, of course, the village of El Franco. With its beautiful port and the El Porto/Viavélez fishing port, with spectacular beaches including the Porcía and Pormenande, or the amazing fortified settlement of Cabo Blanco, undoubtedly a unique site, or the magic of the Andina Caves. As for Navia, the village is home to important buildings, including the casino and theatre, with its undeniable Indianos architecture's influence, together with private houses and hotels. Travellers can also visit the attractive port, the Puerto de Vega.
Puerto de Vega (Navia)Puerto de Vega (Navia).
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